Hey Girl, It's Rachel Maddow

Because Ryan Gosling isn't for everyone.
And because being smart is really fucking sexy.
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Hey you, thanks for loving our little collection of pseudo-intellectual semi-feminist lesbian-happy always cheesy almost-Valentines!

Hey Girl, It’s Rachel Maddow is the platonic Tumblr lovechild of Joy and Summer, two friends who met in North Carolina when Joy was there for grad school and Summer was teaching in a rural high school. They bonded over a love of politics, food, cheesy lesbian culture references, and of course, Rachel Maddow. 

We created HGRM after (1) President Obama mentioned the Hoover Dam & a need for infrastructure projects in the SOTU, (2) Joy became distracted by the amount of Maddow love that was now happening on Twitter, & (3) Joy & Summer were shocked that a “Hey Girl” devotion to Dr. M didn’t already exist.

We’re glad you found us and that you enjoy Rachel Maddow, political wonkyness, and silly feminist pick-up lines as much as we do. 

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